Intensive Purposes

A list of favorite malapropisms.
  • The physical year.
  • Calm and collective.
  • That's a mute point.
  • Escape goat.
  • Statue of limitations.
  • Cease the opportunity.
  • Deformation of character.
  • What's your mother's mating name?
  • Supposably.
  • Once so ever.
  • I'm a head of the game.
  • A long and sorted history.
  • I can see your point of you.
  • I'm living my life bi-curiously through yours.
  • I dot all of my eyes.
  • I have the up most respect for her work.
  • We were as close as two pees in a pot.
  • My gardening angel.
  • To thy known self be true.
  • I'm cost of phobic.
  • One fail swoop.
  • I may be parrot phrasing.
  • All tolled.
  • From the gecko.
  • I'm lack-toast and tolerant.