Playstation 3 Ubuntu Media PC


This project is incomplete... and will likely remain incomplete since since Sony killed OtherOS.

Used Ubuntu 10.10 for PS3, obtained here:
But you probably want:
Backed up PS3 game save-data to external usb hdd.

Re-partitioned PS3 internal hdd, with 10G reserved for "Other OS".
Booted and installed Ubuntu. Took forever.
Had to use an experimental build of petitboot from Geoff Levand:
Normal petitboot binary wouldn't work, probably because of ext4 default in karmic.
Side note: the stable petitboot binary ( is distributed uncompressed. This doesn't work for loading it via the XMB - need to gzip it first.
Configured wpa_supplicant manually. Removed network-manager.
Adventures with Logitech Mediaboard Pro(tm).
Realized there's only 256M or RAM... yikes. Installed openbox and killed off anything else that's memory intensive.

Random Tips

  • ps3-boot-game-os will return you to XMB.
  • ps3videomode will adjust resolution.
  • ps3-flash-util will adjust various boot settings.



  • mplayer-ps3
    • need speutils for karmic
    • spu-medialib
  • cell mesa driver?

Then What Happened?

And... then I stopped working on this.  The low memory makes this pretty unsuitable for a general purpose Linux OS (even if you're just web browsing).  I think it would be usable as a media player if I could get an spu-medialib version of mplayer working. I'd also like to experiment a bit to see if rtorrent's memory footprint would be too big.

AND THEN... Sony killed OtherOS. Jerks!

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